Fall Fingerpaints

Check out the Fingerpaints for Fall 2012 !

Catwalk Queen- HELLOOOO dijon mustard dusty creme. Gorgeous. I was actually pretty impressed with this one. I needed two coats.
Cordur-Orange- Okay… I don’t do oranges. They clash on my skintone, but alas, this one is such a burnt dusty medium orange creme that it doesn’t look too awful. I like! One coat.
Military Green- A medium grey green creme. It’s actually quite pretty. Me likes! Two coats.
Purple Pinstripe- What’s with the name man?! A dusty medium purple creme. Two coats.
Raspberry Tafetta- A pretty dark dusty berry colored creme. I actually really liked this one. Two coats.
Stunning Stilettos- A standard dolphin grey creme. Two coats.
To-Teally Chic- A dusty teal creme. Two coats.
Vintage Velvet- A dusty grey blue creme. Two coats.
Overally, the formula on these is excellent. There is 

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