Shimmering Cream Eye Color by Shiseido

Page's Pastel Pigments

When Shiseido launched its Shimmering Cream Eye Color collection last fall, it seemed like a no-brainer. On the heels of a Fall show season where creamy pigments ruled the runway, a 12-piece shade range from the brand’s artistic director of makeup, Dick Page, was par for the course. But Page’s pigments stood out in the marketplace for their impressive selection of hues and the sheer, dewy, buildable brilliance that each was able to impart onto lids, cheekbones, what-have-you with the simple swipe of a finger. Now, for the first time since launching the original line, Page has added three new shades to the mix. Sunshower, a translucent mandarin inspired by a sunlight-on-water scene he fabricated and then photographed in his bathtub using food coloring, Campari, and bath salts; Pale Shell, a soft pink that stems from the color of a whorled seashell snapped by Page; and Ice, a light blue that derives it’s cool, aquamarine quality from an image of a piece of broken ice floating in the Arctic—all of which leave us intrigued, both by what else is going on in Page’s bathroom and what he’s planning on wowing us with next.

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